Links: Interval ID Practice

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Websites for Practicing Interval ID Apps For Interval ID
  • Tenuto ($3.99, iPhone)
    • This is the app, well worth the $3.99 with a number of both theory and ear training drills.
  • Pitch Improver Lite (Free, iPhone, Android, and website interface)
    • Nice general app for practicing intervals, melodic dictation (pitch only with short note strings), and chord ID. Not nearly as customizable as Tenuto, but it's a nice free alternative for light practice.
  • Goodear Intervals (free, iPhone)
  • Interval Ear Training (free, iPhone)
  • Earache (free, iPhone)
    • Ascending intervals only, but a neat arcade-style interface.
  • Musicrem: Ear Dictation (free)
    • Long-term interval listening. Users choose an instrument (piano, guitar, or bass), the number of melodic notes (3–6), number of octaves (1 or 2), and rhythmic values. The listener determines the interval between the first and last note played. Good resource for practicing long-term listening.