Ear Training: Practice Drills

Rhythmic Dictation

Two-Bar Rhythmic Fragments

Longer Examples [Coming Soon]

Melodic Dictation

Tonic Harmony (Stepwise melodies and skips between Do, Mi/Me, and Sol)

Dominant Harmony (Adding skips to Ti, Re, and Fa)

  • Speed Drills: 2 and 3-Bar Melodic Fragments outinling Tonic-Dominat-Tonic
    • Using a Simple Model with Variation:
      • Set 1: E major, 6/8 Time
      • Set 2: E minor, 6/8 Time
      • Set 3: A major, 6/8 Time
      • Set 4: A minor, 6/8 Time
    • Set 5: Adding Subdivions in Compound (G minor)
  • Longer Melodies

Harmonic Dictation

I and V

I, V, and IV

  • I, IV, and V in root position only [coming soon]
  • I, IV, and V with inversions [coming soon]

The Ear Training Word Game (Melody & Rhythm)

A game that assigns letters to individual rhythmic and melodic fragments. Players try to determine what word is being spelled. Check it out here.

Resources for Additional Practice

Additional Online Music Theory and Ear Training Practice Sites